Friday, April 8, 2011

Change is a way of life!!

There are so many ways to earn FF points and we always need to be aware that the different companies that partner Qantas do change things from time to time!  So if you have a credit card and earn lots of points from that - be aware - they can change the amount of points you earn whenever they like!!  Take CBA for instance!!  It used to be 1 for 1, but now in order to earn 1 ff point - you need to spend $2!!!  So they're not my favourite earning card anymore!!!

When choosing where you are going to stay, or who you are going to rent a car from always check and see if you can earn ff points with your chosen company - its an added bonus if you can get points for paying on a card, and points for booking with that supplier!!

I did promise some travel tips, but have decided to have another blog for this, that way they can be a bit more general, and not just focussing on Qantas Frequent Flyer earnings!! - new blog!!

So not only do Qantas change the rules, all of the other players can and do!!  Biggest learning from this - be aware before you make that big purchase!!  Also ALWAYS plan as much as you can in advance to get maximum benefits - READ those emails from Qantas - they have specials on how many point you need for trips every now and then - I just saved over $500 and 7,000 points by booking a flight at the right time!!

As always have fun travelling - work towards the level you want to attain, and enjoy the benefits of frequent flying!!  :-)