Sunday, November 21, 2010

To buy, or to fly??

So you've got a few points, and can't find the flight you want, and you've seen all these other wonderful things you can buy with your points? Do you wait until you can get the flight, or do you just buy the other things?

It all depends on what you think your points are worth!  In my experience you get a better conversion going for flights, especially if you use for business class or above on longer trips.  If you do want to buy that Qantas club membership, Myer voucher, iPhone, coffee-maker or one of the other great things they always advertise - my biggest suggestion would be - check out the retail price of the item, so you know what you are converting your points at!!  If you travel alot, then more often than not you will get a better conversion of your points using them for travel!  Of course that is why they offer so many things for you to buy!! 

Example - $100 Myer voucher costs 13,500 points, but for 16,000 points you can get a return trip Hobart- Melbourne, which could range from $266 - $600 depending on when you travel.  So much better to use for travel in this case!!

So choose your rewards carefully!!  Of course, the footnote to this is once again, these points are something for nothing, so with whatever you choose you will be in front!!


PS:  next time - travel tips, for sure!!

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